Russian Studies in History (49/4, printemps 2011)

Russian Studies in History, vol. 49, no. 4, printemps 2011

Russian Studies in History publishes thematic issues featuring translations of scholarly articles selected from diverse Russian sources and introduced by an expert guest editor. Issue topics range over all periods and subfields of Russian and Soviet history as well as more general theoretical and historiographical questions of interest to historians of many specialties.

Articles :

  • Denis Kozlov : “Writing About the Thaw in Post-Soviet Russia: Guest Editor’s Introduction to Parts I and II”, p. 3-17.
  • A. A. Gordin, “Czechoslovakia in 1968: Soviet Propaganda and the Mood of Russia’s Provinces”, p. 18-33.
  • Mariia Litovskaia, “Engineering the Alien, or Let’s Learn English”, p.  34-50.
  • Il’ia Kukulin, “Alternative Social Blueprinting in Soviet Society of the 1960s and the 1970s, or Why Left-Wing Political Practices Have Not Caught on in Contemporary Russia”, p. 51-92.
  • Author Index to Russian Studies in History: Volume 49 (Summer 2010-Spring 2011), p. 94.

Emilia Robin

Chercheuse associée à l'UMR SIRICE. Violons d'Ingres : guerre froide, médiation scientifique, logiciels libres

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