What was the Soviet Union? Looking back at the Brezhev years

What was the Soviet Union? Looking back at the Brezhev years
Wesleyan University (United States)
20-21 October 2011

20 October

8.00-9.30 pm in Public Affairs, Center 001: Public lecture by Stephen Kotkin

21 October

9.00-10.30 – Politics

Chair Peter Rutland (Wesleyan)

  • Martin Dimitrov (Dartmouth): « Tracking public opinion under authoritarianism: The case of the Soviet Union after the death of Stalin. »
  • Mark Kramer (Harvard): « Soviet national security affairs and policymaking during the Brezhnev era. »
  • Eric McGlinchey (George Mason): « Central Asia under Brezhnev. »
  • Nikolai Mitrokhin (Forschungsstelle Osteuropa, Bremen): « The KPSS Central Committee Apparatus, 1970-85: functions in the Soviet political system and the staff. »

Discussant:  Valerie Sperling (Clark)

11.00-12.30 – Political economy

Chair James McGuire (Wesleyan)

  • Cindy Buckley (SSRC): « Population and health under Brezhnev: A harbinger of things to come? »
  • Linda Cooke (Brown): « The Soviet social contract revisited:  Critiques, re-considerations, consequences for post-communism. »
  • Vladimir Kontorovich (Haverford): « What was the Soviet economy? »
  • Joachim Zweynert (Hamburg): « The Soviet economy of the Brezhnev years through the lens of contemporary Soviet economists. »
  • Vitaly Naishul: « The Brezhnev administrative market and its follow-ups. »

Discussant  Peter Rutland (Wesleyan)

1.30-3.00 – Society

Chair Phil Pomper (Wesleyan)

  • Kate Brown (U of Maryland, Baltimore): « ‘We had everything’: socialism in one (closed) city. »
  • Lauren Mccarthy (U Mass Amherst): « Law and informal practices in the Soviet Union. »
  • Serguei Oushakine (Princeton): « Against the Cult of Things »: Crimes of Late Soviet Consumption. »
  • Doug Rogers (Yale): « Nostalgia for Stagnation? Post-Soviet Villagers Recall Rural Socialism. »

Discussant Ethan Pollock (Brown)

3.30-5.00: Culture

Chair Paul Bushkovitch (Yale)

  • Yitzhak Brudny (Hebrew University): « Russian nationalism. »
  • Christine Evans (U of Wisconsin, Milwaukee): « Television and political authority under Brezhnev. »
  • Victoria Smolkin-Rothrock (Wesleyan): « The meaning of life and the problem of indifference: The spiritual crisis of late Soviet Communism » »
  • Sergei Zhuk (Ball State): « Detente, mass culture from the West, ‘disco mafia’ and Russification of Soviet Ukraine during the Brezhnev era. »

Discussant   Justine Buck Quijada (Wesleyan)

Conference administrator: Gloria Gdovin (ggdovin@wesleyan.edu)

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