Diplomacy and Statecraft (22/1, 2011)

Diplomacy & Statecraft, vol. 22, no. 1, hiver 2011

Effie G. H. Pedaliu and John W. Young, “Introduction: Professor Saki R.  Dockrill (1952-2009)”, p. 1-3


  • Christopher Baxter, “A Closed Book? British Intelligence and East Asia, 1945-1950”, p. 4-27.
  • Wolfgang Krieger, “German-American Intelligence Relations, 1945-1956: New Evidence on the Origins of the BND”, p. 28-43.
  • Geoffrey Warner, “Anglo-American Relations and the Cold War in 1950”, p.  44-60.
  • Günter Bischof, “United States Responses to the Soviet Suppression of Rebellions in the German Democratic Republic, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia”, p. 61-80.
  • John W. Young, “Ambassador David Bruce and ‘LBJ’s War’: Vietnam Viewed from London, 1963-1968”, p. 81-100.
  • Effie G. H. Pedaliu, “‘A Discordant Note’: NATO and the Greek Junta, 1967-1974”, p. 101-120.
  • Thomas A. Schwartz, “Henry Kissinger: Realism, Domestic Politics, and the Struggle Against Exceptionalism in American Foreign Policy”, p.  121-141.
  • Geraint Hughes, “The Cold War and Counter-Insurgency”, p. 142-163.


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Chercheuse associée à l'UMR SIRICE. Violons d'Ingres : guerre froide, médiation scientifique, logiciels libres

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