Faire l'histoire de la guerre froide


Calendrier des appels à communication

Voici l’index des appels à communication publiés sur ce site, dans l’ordre de leurs dates limites :   Octobre-décembre 2020 31 octobre 2020 – Propaganda and Neutrality: Alternative Battlegrounds and Active Deflection — London,...

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Call for papers (edited book): « Vigilance » Deadline: 11 September 2020 Vigilance is a useful, yet understudied lens through which to read conflict, conflictuality, and competing moral norms at a given point in time: the...

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Cold Wars

Lüthi, Lorenz M., Cold Wars. Asia, The Middle East, Europe, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, mars 2020, 756 p. What was the Cold War that shook world politics for the second half of the twentieth...


Border Fears in the Baltic, 1918–1991

Border Fears in the Baltic, 1918–1991 26-28 February 2021, Kulice Deadline: 30 September 2020 « Among the European macro-regions where deeper insights into border fears are still lacking, the Baltic area deserves particular attention, both...

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Mapping South-South Connections

Mapping South-South Connections: Networks, Alliances and New Actors on the International Scene during the Decolonization Process and Cold War in Latin America, Asia and Africa (1810-1990) Tehran/online, 21-22 November 2020 Deadline: 10 September 2020...

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Propaganda and Neutrality

Propaganda and Neutrality: Alternative Battlegrounds and Active Deflection London, 24 June 2021 Deadline: 31 October 2020 Neutral states have played an important role in international history. Neutrality has often been a constitutional matter of...

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