Faire l'histoire de la guerre froide


Calendrier des appels à communication

Voici l’index des appels à communication publiés sur ce site, dans l’ordre de leurs dates limites :   Octobre-décembre 2020 31 octobre 2020 – Propaganda and Neutrality: Alternative Battlegrounds and Active Deflection — London,...

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Call for papers (edited book): “Vigilance” Deadline: 11 September 2020 Vigilance is a useful, yet understudied lens through which to read conflict, conflictuality, and competing moral norms at a given point in time: the...

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Cold Wars

Lüthi, Lorenz M., Cold Wars. Asia, The Middle East, Europe, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, mars 2020, 756 p. What was the Cold War that shook world politics for the second half of the twentieth...

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Mapping South-South Connections

Mapping South-South Connections: Networks, Alliances and New Actors on the International Scene during the Decolonization Process and Cold War in Latin America, Asia and Africa (1810-1990) Tehran/online, 21-22 November 2020 Deadline: 10 September 2020...

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Propaganda and Neutrality

Propaganda and Neutrality: Alternative Battlegrounds and Active Deflection London, 24 June 2021 Deadline: 31 October 2020 Neutral states have played an important role in international history. Neutrality has often been a constitutional matter of...

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