LSE Cold War Research Seminar 2011/12

LSE Cold War Research Seminar

October 2011-May 2012

LSE, London


The Cold War Studies Programme, with the Department of International History at LSE, organises the graduate and staff seminar on the Cold War (HY510). It is convened by members of the International History Department, with active participation from other faculty in related departments at the LSE, such as International Relations and Government.  Presentations are given by second and third year PhD students and staff in International History at the LSE, as well students and staff from other universities in London and the surrounding areas.  The seminar seeks to provide a forum for new research in the field. To this end, the seminar usually begins with a general discussion of new publications in the field, followed by a 45 minute presentation, followed by discussion.  It is an ideal forum for those working on chapters of their PhD, journal articles, or sections of monographs or books. It is open to all PhD students and staff. Exceptional masters students may attend with the permission of the convenor. This year the seminar will be co-chaired by Arne Westad and Piers Ludlow.

If you would like to take part in the seminar, please email the course organiser (, stating your affilliation and area of research.


Michaelmas Term

  • Oct 12 – Liz Benning: The FRG, the West and the Re-shaping of the International Economic System of the West, 1972-1976
  • Oct 26 – Vladimir Unkovski-Korica: The Cold War Origins of Yugoslav Self-Management – New Archival Evidence
  • Nov 2 – Helen Parr (Keele) Britain between America and Europe: The politics of Anglo-French nuclear co-operation 1970-4
  • Nov 16 – Svetozar Rajak: No Bargaining Chips, No Spheres of Interest: The Yugoslav Origins of Cold War Non-Alignment
  • Nov 30 – Antony Best: Cold War Allies or Pacific War Enemies?: British Policy towards Japan, 1945-75


Lent Term

  • Jan 11 – Goetz Bechtolsheimer: American policy towards Mobutu’s Congo during the Carter years
  • Jan 25 – Rui Lopes: Title TBD
  • Feb 1: Mark Seddon (Univ Sheffield): Anglo-American relations over Venezuelan Oil from the early 1940s into the early 1950
  • Feb 15 – Artemy Kalinovsky: Title TBD
  • Mar 7 – Elisabeth Leake (Cambridge): The Effect of Indian-Pakistani-Afghani Relations on US Cold War policy


Summer Term

  • Apr 25 – Eirini Karamouzi, Title TBD
  • May 2 – Simon Stevens, (Columbia-LSE) The Internationalisation of the Apartheid Struggle, 1959-65


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