La signification de 1989 pour l’Autriche

Grenzöffnung – Grenzen im Kopf – Grenzüberwindung. Außenperspektiven auf die Bedeutung des Jahres 1989 für Österreich [Ouverture des frontières – Frontières dans la tête – Surmonter la frontière. Perspectives étrangères sur la signification de l’année 1989 pour l’Autriche]

Salzburg, 8-10 novembre 2012

Date limite : 31 mars 2012


The outstanding impact of the year 1989 – a year that changed the world like no other in the history after the Second World War and paved the road for the future of the international architecture and European community of states – is the point of departure for a research project called “Offene Grenzen, neue Barrieren und gewandelte Identitäten. Österreich, seine Nachbarn und die Transformationsprozesse in Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur seit 1989” (“Open Borders, New Barriers and Changed Identities. Austria, its neighbours and the processes of transformation in politics, economy and culture since 1989”), funded by the Zunftsfonds der Republik Österreich. In this project, six researchers from Austria and Germany address the question of how the political changes of the year 1989 have affected Austria on the different levels. For more information on our project, please visit:

In the frame of an international convention, we particularly hope to shed a light on the external perspective on Austria’s treatment of the manifold changes in the course of the year 1989 and subsequent years, which has only received little attention by the researchers of the project. How was Austria’s foreign policy, especially in the field of economy and culture, perceived in the Eastern European states?

By means of selected examples, the transnationally oriented conference also aims at addressing the issue of commemorative cultures and strategies to come to terms with the past on both sides in those regions that were divided by borders. In this respect, a presentation of increasingly active initiatives committed to overcoming the “borders in people’s minds”, which continued to exist long after 1989, and to fostering the current cultural exchange processes, would be welcome.

The objects and purpose of the convention are to present and discuss current research projects (including dissertations) as well as new research approaches; theories and methods should be discussed in direct connection with concrete research problems and issues related to scientific implementation and illustration. The publication of a convention book with extended versions of the presentations is also planned.

The time reserved for the speakers is approximately 20 minutes; presentations can be held in German or English. Please submit an exposé of your (unpublished) contribution (maximum length 3000 characters) as well as brief details about your professional career and current activity by March 31st 2012.

Please send your abstract to

Travel costs (economy class) and accommodation for participants will be covered by the organiser.

Contact :
Dr. Andrea Brait (
Neulerchenfelder Straße 26/8
A- 1160 Wien


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