Cold War Culture. The Global Conflict and its Legacies in Germany since 1945

Cold War Culture. The Global Conflict and its Legacies in Germany since 1945

20-21 September 2012, Freiburg

Deadline: 1st April 2012


Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies (FRIAS), in cooperation with Cambridge University and the project “Germany and the World in the Age of Globalization”

Historians of the Cold War have, for a very long time, focused on the relations between the two superpowers, the ebbs and flows of crises and relaxation of tensions, and, more generally speaking, the diplomatic history of the global confrontation. In recent years, however, there has been a significant diversification of perspectives: historical studies have further explored the broader societal history of the Cold War as a condition that affected a multitude of societies around the globe in virtually all areas. Most prominently amongst these societies were both the Federal Republic and the GDR.

The conference, hosted by the University of Freiburg / FRIAS and organized in cooperation with Cambridge University, aims to bring together ongoing research projects on the impact of the Cold War on both German post-war societies in an attempt to survey the field and raise new questions and possible avenues for further inquiry. It suggests to approach the Cold War as an all-encompassing, dichotomous cultural condition. In this sense, exploring ‘Cold War Culture’ can provide a window into the broader societal history of Germany since 1945 by focusing on the thinking and acting in the categories of the conflict and its effects on the development of both German post-war states.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Political culture
  • Domestic security and security politics
  • Intellectual history
  • Identity politics and the dealing with the past
  • Education
  • Cultural representations of the Cold War
  • Effects on economic policies
  • Role of and attitudes towards the armed forces
  • Science and research
  • Social activism under the conditions of the Cold War
  • Legacies and new constellations after the end of the Cold War

The conference languages are German and English. Paper presentations of approx. 20 mins will be given at the conference; abstracts will be pre-circulated. Travel expenses and accommodation will be covered.

Proposals (in English or German) of 500 words, accompanied by a short CV, should be sent by 1 April 2012 to

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