Ab Imperio, 4/2011

Ab Imperio, 4/2011


«The Second World between Comparative and Global Histories»




From the Editors On the Second World, for the Last Time Bruce Grant. We Are All Eurasian (RUS) Alessandro Stanziani. Mutual Comparison and History: Some Proposals Suggested by the Russian Case (RUS)


  • Chia Yin Hsu : «Railroad Technocracy, Extraterritoriality, and Imperial Lieux de Mémoire in Russian Émigrés’ Manchuria, 1920–1930s»
  • Masha Kirasirova : «“Sons of Muslims” in Moscow: Soviet Central Asian Mediators to the Foreign East, 1955–1962»
  • Timothy Nunan : «Getting Reacquainted with the “Muslims of the USSR”: Staging Soviet Islam in Turkey and Iran, 1978–1982»
  • Elizabeth Bishop : «The Local and the Global: The Iraqi Revolution of 1958 Between Western and Soviet Modernities»
  • Dietrich Beyrau : «Grown in the Soviet Incubator: Soviet Hegemony and the Socialist System in East Central Europe» (RUS)
  • Olga Smolyak. DIY : «A Few Thoughts About Comfort and Inventiveness of a Soviet Man in the 1960s» (RUS)



Anastasiia Ganich. The Muftiat that Was Not (rus) Proposal of the Draft Law on the Establishing of a Special Spiritual Administration (Muftiat) for the Muslims of the Northern Caucasus» (RUS)


Elena Gapova : «National Knowledge and International Recognition: Post-Soviet Academia Fighting for Symbolic Markets» (RUS)


Mikhail Suslov : «Beyond Empire: Spatial Configurations of Identities in Russian Literary Utopias of the Turn of the Twentieth Century» (RUS)

Emilia Robin

Chercheuse associée à l'UMR SIRICE. Violons d'Ingres : guerre froide, médiation scientifique, logiciels libres

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