Journal of Cold War Studies (14/1, printemps 2012)

Journal of Cold War Studies, vol. 14, no. 1, printemps 2012



  • Tony Shaw, “Nightmare on Nevsky Prospekt: The Blue Bird as a Curious Instance of U.S.-Soviet Film Collaboration during the Cold War”, p. 3-33
  • Elena Dragomir, “The Formation of the Soviet Bloc’s Council for Mutual Economic Assistance: Romania’s Involvement”, p. 34-47



  • Irwin Wall, Commentary on Globalizing de Gaulle, p. 48-52
  • Andrew Moravcsik, Charles de Gaulle and Europe: The New Revisionism, p.  53-77
  • Edward A. Kolodziej, Commentary on Globalizing de Gaulle, p. 78-80
  • Marc Trachtenberg, The de Gaulle Problem, p. 81-92
  • Christian Nuenlist, Anna Locher and Garret Martin, Reply to the Commentaries, p. 93-95
  • Michael Sheng, Qiang Zhai and Deborah Kaple, Perspectives on Sergey Radchenko’s Two Suns in the Heavens, p. 96-106
  • Michael Sheng, Commentary, p. 96-99
  • Qiang Zhai, Commentary, p. 99-103
  • Deborah Kaple, Commentary, p. 103-106
  • Sergey Radchenko, Reply to the Commentaries, p. 107-110


  • Andrew J. Bacevich and Edwin Moïse, Responses to Bernd Greiner on U.S.  Conduct in Vietnam, p. 111-113
  • Lubna Qureshi and Kristian Gustafson, Exchange: Debating U.S.  Involvement in Chile in the 1970s, p. 114-117


Book Reviews:

  • Priscilla Johnson McMillan : Zhivago’s Children: The Last Russian Intelligentsia (review), p. 118-120
  • Mark Atwood Lawrence : Vietnam’s Southern Revolution: From Peasant Insurrection to Total War (review), p. 121-123
  • Robert J. McMahon : After Hiroshima: The United States, Race and Nuclear Weapons in Asia, 1945–1965 (review), p. 123-124
  • Qiang Zhai, Collateral Damage: Sino-Soviet Rivalry and the Termination of the Sino-Vietnamese Alliance (review), p. 125-126
  • Lorenz M. Lüthi : Behind the Bamboo Curtain: China, Vietnam, and the World beyond Asia (review), p. 126-128
  • Hua-yu Li : Creating the “New Man”: From Enlightenment Ideals to Socialist Realities (review), p. 128-129
  • p. 129-132 Nicholas Daniloff : The Dead Hand: The Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race and Its Dangerous Legacy (review),
  • Michael Sherry : Cry Havoc: How the Arms Race Drove the World to War, 1931–1941 (review), p. 133-134
  • Nicolas Lewkowicz : European Integration and the Cold War: Ostpolitik-Westpolitik, 1965–1973 (review), p. 135-136
  • Jeffrey Herf : Anatomy of the Red Brigades: The Religious Mind-Set of Modern Terrorists (review), p. 137-139
  • Stephen Gundle : Mondo Exotica: Sounds, Visions, Obsessions of the Cocktail Generation (review), p. 139-141
  • Barbara Marshall : Black Market, Cold War: Everyday Life in Berlin 1946–1949 (review), p. 141-143
  • Alexey Golubev : Kholodnaya voina v Arktike (review), p. 143-147
  • Vojtech Mastny : The Crisis of Détente in Europe: From Helsinki to Gorbachev, 1975–1985 (review), p. 147-149
  • Michael L. Krenn : The Opinions of Mankind: Racial Issues, Press, and Propaganda in the Cold War (review), p. 149-151

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