Muehlenbeck et Telepneva, Warsaw Pact Intervention in the Third World

Muehlenbeck, Philip E., et Telepneva, Natalia (dir.), Warsaw Pact Intervention in the Third World. Aid and Influence in the Cold War, Bloomsbury, 2018, 368 p. (réédition 2019 en livre de poche)

Présentation de l’éditeur

It was long assumed that the Soviet Union dictated Warsaw Pact policy in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America (known as the ‘Third World’ during the Cold War). Although the post-1991 opening of archives has demonstrated this to be untrue, there has still been no holistic volume examining the topic in detail. Such a comprehensive and nuanced treatment is virtually impossible for the individual scholar thanks to the linguistic and practical difficulties in satisfactorily covering all of the so-called ‘junior members’ of the Warsaw Pact.

This important book fills that void and examines the agency of these states – Czechoslovakia, the German Democratic Republic, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania – and their international interactions during the ‘discovery’ of the ‘Third World’ from the 1950s to the 1970s. Building upon recent scholarship and working from a diverse range of new archival sources, contributors study the diplomacy of the eastern and central European communist states to reveal their myriad motivations and goals (importantly often in direct conflict with Soviet directives).

This work, the first revisionist review of the role of the junior members as a whole, will be of interest to all scholars of the Cold War, whatever their geographical focus.

Couverture de Muehlenbeck et Telepnev,Warsaw Pact Intervention in the Third World

Table des matières

Introduction – Philip E. Muehlenbeck, George Washington University & Natalia Telepneva, University College London


  • Chapter 1: The Warsaw Pact and British Guiana – Jan Koura, Charles University and Robert Anthony Waters, Jr., Ohio Northern University
  • Chapter 2: Eastern Bloc Intelligence and the Congo Crisis, 1955–64 – Natalia Telepneva, University College London
  • Chapter 3: Czechoslovak Assistance to Kenya & Uganda, 1962–8 – Philip E. Muehlenbeck, George Washington University


  • Chapter 4: “I have to say that Cyrankiewicz touring Asia left a very anti-Soviet mark.” Poland, the 1957. Goodwill Tour in Asia, and the Post-October Diplomacy – Marek W. Rutkowski, National University of Singapore
  • Chapter 5: Lost Illusions: Communist Poland’s Involvements in Africa during the Cold War – Przemyslaw Gasztold, Institute of National Remembrance/Warsaw University

East Germany

  • Chapter 6: Health-Related Activities of the German Democratic Republic in West Africa during the 1960s – Iris Borowy, RWTH Aachen/Birkbeck University, London
  • Chapter 7: The Inter-German Cold War and the GDR’s Search for Recognition in Tanzania, 1964–72 – George Roberts, University of Warwick


  • Chapter 8: Romania Blocks Mongolia’s Accession to the Warsaw Treaty Organization: The Roots of Romania’s Involvement in the Sino-Soviet Dispute – Elena Dragomir, Valahia University of Târgoviste (Romania)
  • Chapter 9: The Third World As Strategic Option: Romanian Relations with Developing States – Larry L. Watts, University of Bucharest


  • Chapter 10: Bulgaria and Warsaw Pact Policy in the Developing World – Jordan Baev, Rakovski National Defense Academy, Sofia


  • Chapter 11: Hungary and the Middle East, 1955-75 – Csaba Békés, Corvinus University of Budapest and Dániel Vékony, Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Chapter 12: Relations between Hungary and Brazil in a Latin American Framework, 1955–75 – Bernadett Lehoczki, Corvinus University of Budapest

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