The Cold War in Latin America: An ‘Exceptional’ Narrative?

“The Cold War in Latin America: An ‘Exceptional’ Narrative?”

6-9 septembre 2011, Cadix, Espagne

Date limite de réponse : 28 février 2011

As organizers of the session “The Cold War in Latin America: An ‘Exceptional’ Narrative?”, which will take place at the XVI Congress of AHILA to be held in Cadiz, Spain, on 6-9 September, 2011, we are issuing a call for papers that explore this topic from various points of view.

Firstly, we are looking for historiographical analyses that deal with the idea of how a regional narrative of the Cold War might relate to the emerging international history of a global Cold War. These analyses will address questions such as: Should the Cold War have historiographical autonomy within Latin American historical narratives? Did the Cold War open a new era in Latin American history or was it simply a continuation of an old US imperial project under a different light? What similarities and differences were there between the Latin American process and processes that other areas of the ‘periphery’ lived through? To what extent did the Cold War create a ‘global South’ and what part did Latin America play in this story?

Secondly, we are looking for papers that focus in on detailed case-studies, either through examinations of individual countries over a given time period or studies of how different Latin American countries related to each other, that will allow us to understand the Cold War period in the region in more depth.  In particular, we are looking for papers that will help us explore how Latin American countries adjusted to the Cold War and the extent to which they did so to advance domestic objectives or alter the inter-American balance of power in the region to their advantage.

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 28 February 2011. The language of the session will be Spanish, but we will also consider proposals in either Portuguese or English. Please note that we do not have funding for participants, so those interested in participating should have their own funding to attend the conference.

We are looking forward to an outstanding session, that incorporates papers as well as discussants, and our aim will be to publish the best papers in an edited volume after the conference takes place.

Those interested in participating, please send proposals of no more than 500 words to: Tanya Harmer ( and José Antonio Sánchez Román (

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