Journal of Contemporary History (46/1, janvier 2011)

Journal of Contemporary History, vol. 56, no 1, janvier 2011

Numéro spécial édité par Jeremi Suri : «Conflict and Cooperation in the Cold War»


  • Jeremi Suri, «Conflict and Co-operation in the Cold War: New Directions in Contemporary Historical Research», p. 5-9.
  • Udi E. Greenberg, «Germany’s Postwar Re-education and Its Weimar Intellectual Roots», p. 10-32.
  • Adi Gordon, «The Need for West: Hans Kohn and the North Atlantic Community», p. 33-57.
  • Geoffrey Roberts, «Moscow’s Cold War on the Periphery: Soviet Policy in Greece, Iran, and Turkey, 1943-8», p. 58-81.
  • Jennifer M. Miller, «The Struggle to Rearm Japan: Negotiating the Cold War State in US-Japanese Relations», p. 82-108.
  • Vanessa Walker, «At the End of Influence: The Letelier Assassination, Human Rights, and Rethinking Intervention in US-Latin American Relations», p. 109-135.
  • Nicholas Thompson, «Nuclear War and Nuclear Fear in the 1970s and 1980s», p. 136-149.
  • Waqar H. Zaidi, «‘Aviation Will Either Destroy or Save Our Civilization’: Proposals for the International Control of Aviation, 1920-45», p. 150-178.
  • Niklas Jensen-Eriksen, «Industrial Diplomacy and Economic Integration: The Origins of All-European Paper Cartels, 1959-72», p. 179-202.


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Histoire de la guerre froide, humanités numériques, linux, médiation scientifique

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