Cold War History (11/1, février 2011)

Cold War History, vol. 11, no. 1, février 2011

Dossier «Europe Americanized?»

  • Simona Tobia, “Introduction: Europe Americanized? Popular reception of Western Cold War propaganda in Europe”, p. 1-7.
  • Linda Risso, “Propaganda on wheels: The NATO travelling exhibitions in the 1950s and 1960s, Pages 9-25.
  • Simona Tobia, Advertising America: VOA and Italy”, p. 27-47.
  • Graham Mytton, “Audience research at the BBC External Services during the Cold War: A view from the inside”, p. 49-67.
  • Luigi Bruti Liberati, “Witch-hunts and Corriere della Sera . A conservative perception of American political values in Cold War Italy: The 1950s”, p. 69-83.
  • Hilary Footitt, “American forces in France: Communist representations of US deployment”, Pages 85-98.

Historiographical Review :

James I. Matray, “Korea’s war at 60: A survey of the literature”, p.  99-129.

Emilia Robin

Chercheuse associée à l'UMR SIRICE. Violons d'Ingres : guerre froide, médiation scientifique, logiciels libres

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