Modern Italy (16/2, 2011)

Dossier «18 April 1948: Italy between continuity and rupture», Modern Italy, vol. 16, no. 2, printemps 2011

Linda Risso, “18 April 1948: Italy between continuity and rupture”, p. 101-104.


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  • Guido Tintori, “An outsider’s vision: Gaetano Salvemini and the 1948 elections in Italy, Pages 139-157.
  • Leo Goretti, “Truman’s bombs and De Gasperi’s hooked-nose: images of the enemy in the Communist press for young people after 18 April 1948”, p.  159-177.
  • Kaeten Mistry, “Re-thinking American intervention in the 1948 Italian election: beyond a success-failure dichotomy”, p. 179-194.
  • Gianluca Fantoni, “‘La mineraria lavori o lasci lavorare’: myth and memory of a labour struggle in Tuscany”, p. 195-208.


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  • Tito Menzani: “Ideologia dell’industrializzazione e borghesia imprenditoriale dal nazionalismo al fascismo (1907-1925), by Eleonora Belloni”, p. 216-217.

Italian Summaries, p. 219-221.

Emilia Robin

Chercheuse associée à l'UMR SIRICE. Violons d'Ingres : guerre froide, médiation scientifique, logiciels libres

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